Peter Pan JR.: Costume Requirements-All Casts

If you haven’t turned in or entered measurements, please email me the following asap:

  • Fairies: Waist, chest, height and shoe size
  • Pirates, Indians, Lost Boys: What size you would buy for them at Old Navy (adult or child S, M, L, XL)
  • Darling Household and Peter: Jill will measure

All characters except Darling kids, Peter and Tink will need black matte (non-shiny) shoes. Dance shoes are best—jazz or ballet (see Resources for where to purchase).

  • Indians: Please get moccasins in any shade of brown or tan and any style. ebay has many styles under $20. Search “fringed moccasins”. Indians will not have socks.
  • Lost Boys:  any style of nude/tan dance shoe (to mimic bare feet). No socks needed.
  • Fairies: White ballet-style slippers only, in white canvas preferably (can find on amazon or ebay) or white or nude leather. Please note that the shoes will be painted and modified to match the costume. Please do NOT purchase ballet flats (like what would be worn with a dress) as these will damage the mermaid tails. Shoes will need to be turned in at Hoover the week of 4/14 for dyeing. Please write the actor’s name on the inside or bottom of EACH SHOE in Sharpie. Fairies will need nude tights.

Wendy, Mrs. D: white or nude camisole
Fairies: Fitted nude camisole
Tink: Strapless bra (or one with clear plastic straps)
Pirates: white or nude cami or tank
Indians and Lost Boys: any color cami or tank

Wendy: white or nude bike or dance shorts
Tink: green dance shorts will be provided: any color dance shorts (they need to be short and snug enough to fit inside the mermaid tail)
All others: bike or dance shorts, any color
Nana: will need volleyball kneepads (any color)

Any questions? Please call, text or email at or 408-644-6154

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