Parent Meeting Notes 8/25

Winnie the Pooh and Guys and Dolls 

Parent Meeting 


  1. Staff:

Katie D’Arcey,  WTP Director

Barb Galiotto, Executive Producer, G&D Strudel Cast Director

Maureen Driggs, WTP Director

Marie O’Donnell, WTP Director

Alicia Sanders, G&D Cheesecake Cast Director

Kyle Hoffhines, G&D Assistant Director

Caitlyn Nichols, Stage Manager – G&D

Helen Grove, Stage Manager – WTP

Mindy Kajikami, Costume Designer – G&D

Julie Nano, Costume Designer – WTP

Mary Theresa Capriles, Choreographer – G&D

Logan D’Arcey, Technical Director

Tanessa Daw, Business Director

Traci Kohler, House Manager

Katie Mendelson, Parent Coordinator

Eva Waterman, Production Intern/Hair & Makeup

  1. Company values process along with the Product
    1. Expectation of cast
    2. Respect agreement – bring to 1st rehearsal signed by parent and actor(s). Please let Barb and/or Katie know if your child tells you about something happening. If there is something going on in the family that could affect your actor in rehearsals/performances (death, stress, etc.), please let Barb/Katie know
    3. Rehearsal Expectations- expect actors to be on time. Text Stage Manager if going to be late/delayed or if child is sick. Need actors here to learn show, please don’t miss for birthday parties, etc.
      1. Winnie the Pooh contact – Helen – 408-981-4040
      2. Guys and Dolls contact – Caitlyn – 408-807-2714
    4. Water/Snacks – Can always have water – Studio A/B do not allow water in the room, water bottles can be left outside. Please bring refillable non-glass water bottle labelled with name.
    5. Allergies/epi-pens – please provide epi-pen in ziplock with actor’s name, what allergies used for, and parent contact number, if used.
    6. How to Reach – Please see, go to Cast Info. Email addresses and phone numbers for Production Team will be listed. Please use email/text when possible.
      1. There will be passwords added to the cast info pages – check emails for passwords
  1. Scheduling
    1. Show schedule – please let us know if you have a conflict with show dates and/or times asap (
    2. Please let friends/family know which cast your actor is in as we do not publicize cast lists (respect actor privacy)
    3. Calendar and Important dates to come!!!!
  1. Parent help and Jobs
    1. Overview: Company is a community, parents working help to build community and make it safe for our kids. All families help all casts! There are two weekends of shows!
    2. How to sign up for jobs and shifts: buyouts are ok! Partial buyouts are ok too. Funds are used to hire teens/professionals to work jobs. Once jobs assigned, some will work under supervision of Tech Director/House Manager, etc. Others will sign up on volunteerspot (rehearsal supervision, setup/strike, front and back of house positions
    3. Requirements
      1. 1 cast members = 15 hours = 6 shifts
      2. 2 cast members = 25 hours = 10 shifts
      3. 3 cast members = 35 hours = 14 shifts
    4. Please fill out Parent Talent form and turn in by Thursday, September 3rd.
    5. Parent Job procedure:
      1. After telling us your talents (due September 3rd), we will assign you a job – if you already know where you would prefer to work, please let me know
      2. Some jobs are arranged through staff members, others are sign up on volunteerspot.
        1. BUYOUTS ARE OK ($150/$250/$350) – if you want to buyout for this show – please mark buyout on the parent form – you will be invoiced as we are going paperless
        2. If you want/need to buyout, do so before September 14th or the cost increases 20%
      3. You will find out what your job assignment is the week of September 14th.
      4. Volunteerspot will open on Sunday September 20th at 8pm – the link will be emailed at that time
    6. We will be sending out an email to ask for volunteers for the first 3 weeks of rehearsal supervision in the next few days – keep your eyes open!
  1. Communications
    1. Where to find information – Emails. Read your emails. Please! Pretty Please!
    2. Also: Cast Information page on website, display board by sign-in binder, Email binder by sign-in binder
  1. House Manager and PR/Marketing
    1. Publicity/Marketing-poster will come via email/web, please publicize.
    2. Program and bios-link will come out asking to fill out bio for your actor
  1. Costume:
    1. Detailed information on Costume Requirements (what your actor needs to wear under clothes to theater and shoes) to come
    2. Our dressing rooms are small and many times unisex. There is no privacy. Part of your Costume Requirements will be a cami or tank top and bike shorts. These are required (meaning: even if your child is comfortable in their underwear in a crowded room, others aren’t comfortable with it).
  1. Make up:
    1. Both boys and girls will need to arrive for dress rehearsal and shows with hair and makeup done. Basic makeup = foundation, blush and eyeliner. Yes, boys wear all of these!
    2. Heather Morse, our makeup lead, has prepared a video of what you do for basic makeup, as well as a list of what is needed. See “Makeup and Hair” under Cast Information at the website
  1. T-shirts, videos , and photographs:
    1. T-shirts included for each actor with tuition. Thank you for providing shirt size at registration. Look for information on ordering shirts for family members (if desired). We do not order extra shirts. If you are unsure of size, go larger!
    2. Dolphin Video, who has done DVDs for a number of our shows, will be doing show DVDs. Look for an order form to come out closer to showtime.
    3. We are now including show photographs as part of actor tuition. Look for an email to come 3-4 weeks following the show with details. Dena Crawford will be our show photographer.

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