Parent Job Descriptions

Parents/actors to support ALL shows, not just the show their child/they are in!

Rehearsal Supervisor:

Each shift is 2.5 hours, from 3:45-6:15. There will be 1 -2 supervisors per rehearsal. Please arrive before 3:45 and plan on staying until last actor is picked up. YOUR #1 PRIORITY IS SUPERVISING ACTORS. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING TO MAKE CALLS/CHECK INTERNET.

  • Supervise actors during rehearsal
  • Set up sign in/out binders and bulletin board. Move current day’s sign-in/out page to front of binder
  • Ensure parents sign actors in and out
  • Escort actors to bathroom (ensure actors are not alone with strangers in bathroom)
  • Supervise outside if break is taken
  • Other tasks as assigned by PPP staff


Graphic Design:

  • Work with House Manager to Create poster for show as well as program cover


T-shirt orders:

  • Works with producer &  parent coordinator to coordinate the distribution of show t-shirts
  • Need to be able to use Excel to organize order numbers and make tags


Ad Sales:

  • Work with House Manager/Marketing to procure ads
  • Takes producer list of businesses to contact for ads
  • Solicits ads from list and parent-run companies
  • Tracks payment of all ads


Set/scenic Design and Construction:

  • Helps scenic designer build and paint sets
  • Date/Location TBA


Costume Development Team:

  • Works under Costume Developer in procuring and making costumes
  • Helps with costumes before, during and after shows


Wardrobe Management/Dresser:

  • Help backstage with costumes
  • Help dress actors as well as organize costumes



  • Actors arrive to theater with base makeup on
  • Makeup workers help enhance character makeup per instructions/guidance and stay backstage to help with touch-ups as needed during show
  • Will also help with hair effects/wigs, if used and will help actors with quick changes during show
  • There will be a schedule for actors to be in the makeup chair
  • During the show, you will remain backstage, working on any needed touch-ups
  • You will also be responsible for straightening up the hair/makeup area and cleaning all brushes
  • Must work at least ONE dress rehearsals and TWO shows
  • You may also need to attend training for applying facial hair and wigs

This is another job where consistency helps the process move better for everyone. If you can do beyond the minimum in this area, please do so!



  • Works with stage manager to help gather props for shows


Stage Crew:

  • Helps stage manager move sets and props during shows, and helps cast on and off stage.
  • Makes sure stage area is clean and ready for next show
  • Must work at least ONE tech/dress rehearsal and TWO shows
  • You can fill all shifts in this position if that works for you – the goal is to have a crew that knows how the show/scenery runs as this is a complex show
  • Heavy lifting/moving is involved



  • Work with House Manager to design show program
  • Assist with collecting cast bios
  • Coordinate with Ad Sales Parent to get new Ads for the program
  • Submit program for printing, pick up completed programs and deliver to theater prior to the first show



  • Work with/House Manager/marketing to advertise show
  • Goes out into community to hang posters In specific locations
  • Update Poster location spreadsheet


Backstage Supervision:

  • Supervises cast members during tech week rehearsals, and each performance
  • Stays backstage for the period between Call Time and stays until last actor leaves
  • Responsible for cleaning the dressing room(s)
  • DOES NOT watch the show but is in the dressing room(s) at all times
  • Helps performers with costume quick changes and hair/makeup touchups
  • Must work at least ONE tech rehearsals and TWO shows


Setup Crew:

  • Helps to prepare theatre and then help take everything down after the last performance
  • Heavy lifting MAY be required, please inform lead if you are unable to do heavy lifting at start of shift
  • There will also be shifts during the week to help set up the lobby and concessions


Strike Crew:

  • Helps to take everything down and clean theater/dressing rooms/concessions/lobby after the last performance
  • Heavy lifting MAY be required, please inform lead if you are unable to do heavy lifting at start of shift


Front House Assistant:

  • Works with House Manager to  plans concession menu
  • Creates signs for concessions
  • Assists with setup of concessions and lobby decorations
  • Does all concessions shopping
  • Asssits with strike at end of show
  • Help House Manager to cover any ticket assistance that might be needed
  • Assist House Manager with any needs she might have


Cast Party Coordinator:

  • Works with producers to set the date and finds location for cast party
  • Coordinates potluck signup
  • Coordinates party activities
  • Manages volunteers for setup and cleanup of party



  • Must work at least THREE show shifts
  • All positions arrive at the theater one hour prior to the show to assist with concessions set up   


    • Concessions:
      • Sets up and sells in the concessions area before show/intermission/after show.
      • DOES NOT watch the show unless there are available seats in the theater
    • Tickets:
      • Helps to set up Concessions prior to the show then works the box office selling tickets or giving people Will Call tickets in lobby
      • Works Concessions at intermission and after show
      • DOES NOT watch the show unless there are available seats in the theater
    • Ushers:
      • Helps to set up Concessions prior to the show then works the door collecting tickets and passing out programs or in the theater helping patrons find seats until show starts
      • One Usher Works Concessions at intermission and after show.  The other Usher stays at the courtyard door making sure no food/drinks enter theater.
    • Bakers:
      • Works with House Manager to create items to be sold in concessions
      • Baked goods need to be delivered to the theater and will be provided for all shows,
      • Coordinate delivery and baked item with the House Manager (reimbursement for significant ingredients is provided)


Teen interns: work will be assigned by Caitlyn Nichols

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