Aladdin KIDS/JR/Arabian Nights – Parent Job Descriptions

Playful People Productions could not function without parent/cast member participation. In order to keep our costs down we require parents to participate in the production with hours of work per cast member:

15 hours for one actor (or 6 shifts at 2.5 hours each)
25 hours for two actors (or 10 shifts at 2.5 hours each)
35 hours for three actors (or 14 shifts at 2.5 hours each)

There is a buy-out option of $150/$250/$350 if you are unable to fulfill this obligation. Partial buy-outs are also available. Contact  Barb Galiotto for details.

Rehearsal Supervision and Show Support jobs* are signed up for via – information will be sent to you. Aladdin has four casts performing over two weekends. There are opportunities to help with your actor’s cast but please remember that we need help for ALL shows. You can sign up for any cast!

* Show Support Jobs: Backstage Supervision, Stage Crew, Hair/Makeup, Tickets, Concessions, Usher, Setup, Strike, Some Special Projects

Job Descriptions

Parent Job Coordinator: Tracks parent working hours for producers. Communicates job specifics to teams. Edits signups created by producers for supervision, backstage and front of house jobs. Updates parent bulletin board as needed.

Rehearsal Supervisor: Each shift is 2.5 hours, from 3:45-6:15. Setup sign-in sheets, bulletin boards and binders, supervise actors on break and while going to the bathroom/to get water and other duties as assigned by director. There will be 1 supervisor per rehearsal.

Ticket Manager: Manage ticket sales via Brown Paper Tickets. Prepare binders with printouts of ticket purchases and prepare distribution of tickets for shows.

Concessions Manager: plans concession menu with producers, develops notes for actors and signs for concessions (to go in concessions and in lobby), oversees setup of concessions (including decorations), does all shopping, oversees concessions strike at end of show.

Concession Helper/Ticket Seller/Usher: Arrive one hour prior to show. Work as a team to set up lobby and concessions. Ticket sellers will sell tickets ½ hour before show, and ushers will hand out programs and collect tickets. At intermission, Ticket Sellers help in concessions, Ushers monitor doors (making sure no food/drink enters theater). At close of show, Ushers clean theater, and Ticket Sellers and Concessions help clean up concessions area. May watch show from seats along theater entrance between sell times, but may be needed backstage during show.

T-shirt orders: Works with producer to coordinate the ordering, purchasing, and distribution of show t-shirts. Need to be able to use Excel to organize order numbers and make tags. 

Program: Gather short biographies from cast members, type/create programs including show information, send to printers and pick up prior to show.

Ad Sales: takes producer list of businesses to contact for ads, solicits ads from list and parent-run companies. Compiles parent messages for program. Tracks payment of all ads.

Special Projects: work that can be done on flexible time to assist producers. Includes items such as: distributing posters to supplied list of locations, sewing labels into costumes, PPP cleaning/organizing days and other projects as needed.

Costume Development: help design, sew, create, buy, borrow and manage costumes before and during performances. 

Costume Development Team: works under Costume Developer in procuring and making costumes. Also helps with costumes before, during and after shows.

Wardrobe Management: sets up labeled baskets at move-in for wardrobe placement, strikes dressing rooms at end of show, post-show maintenance of costumes – laundry/dry cleaning, labeling and prepping for storage

Makeup: Actors arrive to theater with base makeup on. Makeup workers help enhance character makeup per instructions/guidance and stay backstage to help with touch-ups as needed during show. At end of show, Makeup cleans up hair/makeup area for next show. Will also help with hair effects/wigs, if used. Must work one tech/dress rehearsal in addition to shows.

Stage Manager: Assigned Job (to be announced)

Stage Crew: helps stage manager move sets and props during shows, and helps cast on and off stage. Makes sure stage area is clean and ready for next show. Must work one tech or dress rehearsal in addition to shows.

Backstage Supervision: supervises cast members during tech week rehearsals, and each performance. This position stays backstage for the period between Call Time and stays until last actor leaves, and is responsible for cleaning the dressing room(s). This position does not watch the show but is in the dressing room(s) at all times.

Setup and Strike Crew: helps to prepare theatre and then help take everything down after the last performance. Setup: approx. 2 shifts/Strike: 1 shift

  • Tech Setup/Strike: managed by Logan D’Arcey
  • Scenic Setup/Strike: managed by Stage Manager
  • Costume Setup/Strike: managed by Wardrobe Manager
  • House/Concessions Setup/Strike: managed by House and Concessions Managers

Cast Party Coordinator: finds location for cast party, coordinates potluck signup, party activities, manages volunteers for setup and cleanup of party.

The following positions will be chosen by the Director and Producer: photographer, videographer, webmaster, props manager, publicity/PR and light/sound techs

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