Emails: Aladdin KIDS/JR/Arabian Nights

8/11/14: Cast Lists by Friday, Parent Meetings Aug 20 &21
8/14/14: First 2 Weeks Supervision Sign Ups
8/15/14: JR (Rajah) Cast List
8/15/14: KIDS (Ruby/Emerald) Cast Lists
8/24/14: Weekly Update: Costume Requirements, KIDS Rehearsal Schedule
8/31/14: Weekly Update: Rajah Cast List Update/Rehearsal Schedule, Photography for All Casts
9/6/14: Weekly Update: Sunday Dance Rehearsals, Tickets, Parent Job Assignments
9/6/14: Updated Show Times for KIDS Shows (Ruby/Emerald Casts)
9/11/14: Aladdin KIDS and JR Additional Show T-Shirts and Playful People Hoodie Orders
9/12/14: Job Shift Signup Link
/14/14: Weekly Updates: LOTS of info, Read if you Haven’t Read Yet!
9/20/14: Ruby/Emerald Casts: Rehearsal Changes, Costume Review, Parent Meeting
9/21/14: Rajah Cast: Costume Review, Parent Meeting
9/21/14: Arabian Nights: Links to Script/Music/Dance Videos
9/26/14: Arabian Nights: Time Change for Sunday, 9/30
9/27/14: Updated/Revised Hair/Makeup Instructions: KIDS Casts
10/4/14: Updated/Revised Hair/Makeup Instructions: JR Cast
10/5/14: Tech Week Updates: JR Cast
10/6/14: A Message from the Genie!
10/8/14: Hair/Makeup Call Times: JR Cast

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