Costume Requirements – Schoolhouse Rock Live JR

Shoes will stay at the theater. Be sure to label each item with child’s name! All costume pieces and props stay at the theater. All actors need to come to the theater for dress rehearsal and shows wearing:

  • Denim bottoms
  • Tank top/camisole
  • Leggings/bike shorts (if requested)
  • Socks

Tom (Maya Loving/Katelyn Hughes)

  • tank top or camisole – white or flesh tone
  • dark blue denim pants
  • white socks
  • red canvas shoes (fabric dye or fabric markers on white if you can’t find red)
  • Hair off face

Interplanet Janet (Alexis Grove/Hazel Henninger)

  • Same as all other actors below PLUS:
    • white leggings (wear under denim for quick change)
    • hair needs to be wig-ready (will wear wig for one song) Suggested style is french braid or braids.

Preamble (Emma Derksen/Jordyn Smith)

  • Same as all other actors below PLUS bike shorts (wear under denim for quick change)

All cast members except Tom are required to supply the following costume parts:

  • Tank top or camisole – any color (to be worn to/from the theater for each dress rehearsal and performance and go under any other costume)
  • Dark blue plain denim bottoms – any style as long as long as your child can easily move and dance; pants, capris, shorts, skirt, jeggings (if skirt also need black, navy, or grey bike/dance shorts worn underneath) – NO embellishments, patches of same color okay
  • White socks
  • White canvas shoes (ie. Converse, Keds, Vans) any style, except NO embellishments/glitter/lights
  • Hair should be pulled off face. Some actors may receive more specific hair instructions after Tech rehearsal on Monday/Tuesday

COSTUME QUESTIONS? Please contact Julie Nano (Dahlia’s & Felicity’s mom):

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