Audition Info

Each show has different expectations for auditions. This information is specific to Disney’s Peter Pan JR.

Parents: Auditions take approx. one hour. Parents do not go into the audition with actors. There is a Starbucks across the street or shopping on Coleman Avenue.

Preparation: For Peter Pan, we have higher expectations for auditions. We are going to be basing a large part of our casting on the audition, attitude and availability of the actors.

Each audition group will consist of a maximum of 15 participants. All age groups (8-14 and 14 and over) will audition in mixed groups.

Each auditionee will be expected to:

  • state their name and age
  • tell us what roles they are interested in
  • sing a song (details below)
  • do a reading from the script as requested from the directors
  • learn a portion of one of the songs and sing it

We will be looking for good attitudes, people who are flexible and wanting to have fun. There are so many good roles in this version, it is impossible to have a bad one! However, some roles will have heavier rehearsal schedules with less conflicts allowed.

We would like for every cast member to prepare an audition song that shows off their personality and vocal range. This does not have to be a popular or difficult song, but one they enjoy singing and can have fun with. Adding some movement that doesn’t distract from the song, rather adds to it, is helpful.

If the actor is trying out for certain characters, they should try to put as much of that character in the reading as possible. A big smile and enthusiasm goes a long way!

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